Friday, June 27, 2008

OK, OK, here's a new post. Sorry, It's been a while!!! We've been pretty busy. Justin is busy taking summer classes (Reasoned Discourse, Microbiology, and Nutrition) so he can get them out of the way and not worry about them during the regular semester since he will be busy with nursing classes and clinicals. He spends most of his free time doing homework....squeezing in a little World of Warcraft when he can. Sadly, we haven't done much camping or playing because of school and the price of gas. It's just too hard to justify jumping in the car to go somewhere when you know it's going to cost $50-60 to fill up the tank!
I've been busy with a new job. I am dental assisting again and the best part is that the office is only about a mile away from our house so suck on that oil companies! It's a fun office and I'm even busier now because the other assistant just quit. The boss man decided to just hire someone part time (because I am THAT good....hahaha) so I'm even busier now, but that's ok because he gave me a raise and it makes the day go by faster.
Someone in our house had surgery a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn't a human dog Daisy (who's turning out to be the million dollar dog) had a growth on her leg that looked a little suspicious so we had it removed. (never did find out what it was since we didn't want to pay another $160 to send the speciman to the lab...)She ended up getting spayed too because the surgery was actually cheaper since it was National Spay and Neuter Your Pet Month.
Anyway, things here are good. Can't wait for the big Kay reunion! I'm excited to see everyone and laugh until I'm sick!


Machelle Kay said...

Shannon I love the way you tell stories. I am always captivated by it. I am glad I am not the only one hurt by gas this year.